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who we are
The creation of this site is beyond representing a pioneer act in Portugal, it responds to a necessity, which has been felt for some time now by those that prefer our products.
We believe that this publication will serve our interests in the aspect of revealing our array of products for equitation, but essentially it`s purpose is to provide our client with the information concerning what we have at his disposal, and consequently generate a greater selection of products even for our most demanding clients.

Therefore, from now on, this catalog will become an essential tool in the relationship between AMAZONA and it`s clients, making it possible to have an easier form of communication between both parts.

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On the pages of this site, our clients will be able to find a vast assortment of products, created by using a strict selection of raw materials and an excellent combination of handcraft know-how and mechanization , as our prime effort being to offer a quality final product.

As you can observe on the following pages, AMAZONA emphasizes on the typical Portuguese style equestrian equipment. As a matter of fact, we are in the presence of a vast selection of portuguese style equipments, from saddles to bridles and all their accessories.  

You can also find in this catalog other types of products, namely english saddles and other styles saddles , english bridles and halters, harness, etc., giving prominence to the fact that all the products mentioned in this site are manufactured by AMAZONA, with the exception of bits and stirrups. Above all, we hope that it will be a pleasure for our clients to browse through this site as much as it was for us to create it, with this main goal in mind:

to serve our clients the best way possible.